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What does Wiki mean
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Wiki means Idiots or idiots Guide.

It has become a popular reference system for ignorant people.

"Super users can become experts in seconds with Wiki's" goes the marketing slogan.

It is for people who don't want to do any serious research such as reading different books or seeking the advice of life long experts, both of which tend to take some time.

Wiki's tend to consist of second or third hand information; authors of Wiki's are actually people who took lots of trouble to read books; they are very rarely people who actually wrote books.

More often than not they are people who read a few chapters from at least two books or magazines about a particular subject and feeling pleased about such an accomplishment appointed themselves experts within their own tribe.

In my opinion Wikipedia should just stick to summarizing and producing simple guides of verbose material published by recognised authorities and not consider itself anything more than a copy lower schoolboys standard and certainly not consider itself or any of it's authors or reviewers as anything more than popularist low grade low quality scribblers who are not fit to undertake changing such conventions as BC and AD.

In summary FU Wikipedia!
Wikipedia changes the 1,500 year old tradition of using BC and AD to denote years to BCE and CE.

Want to join the debate on this change, well you can't; it closed in 2005!

What is somewhat self defeating is that BCE does reference Jesus Christ the central figure of Catholic Christian Church but chooses to ignore the reason the BC notation exists.

I have no idea what asshole, or should that be arsehole ( have to look that up on Wikipedia) decide to change this but they will fail, this will fade and disappear as soon as we have a real non marketing based search engine such as Google replaced by one that isn't relying on selling us stuff. The reason why Google put wikipedia so high in the rankings is possibly because they, wiki's are not competition in marketing products unless of course, as some suggest they are about to change their name to sikipedia, sikopedia or idiopedia.
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Serious consideration about the Threat
It is difficult to discuss such topics because this like so many resorts is the "happy zone", but clearly it would be cowardly and maybe irresponsible not to.

The Playa del Ingles website carries some recent information regarding arrests made within the Island that are disturbing

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2017
So glad those silly fools who tried to drop the name GAY from Gay Pride have not succeeded.

The week has been full of fun sun bum and so much more drink than before, despite the price fixing cartel in the Yumbo who "hate" real competition many hundreds it seems have followed our advice on where to get some good low cost bebida's

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Cafe Florin underground LPA club2017 and website still pulling
No more public open door café for some time now.

We've been spending lots of time in Las Palmas and boy is it fine.
Underground is really a marketing term, discreet for Santa Catalina someone mentioned

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Keep watching Filmon for free - The solution
It's free simple to use and means you really can keep watching for free. It took about 15 minutes to write a short program to do provide you all with working solution to ensure overseas viewers can still watch filmon
7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Snow falls in Gran Canaria March 20th 2017
TV Canaria, the local news station showed Snow flakses falling in Telde national park."
For those not familar with the location of Telde, it's about 25 miles north of the tourist zone in the south of Gran canaria where Cafe Florin is located

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Artículos Noticia de Impacto

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

What does Wiki mean
Wiki means Idiots or idiots Guide.

It has become a popular reference system for ignorant people.

"Super users can become experts in seconds with Wiki's" goes the marketing slogan

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Christmas and New Year Gran Canaria 2013
End of year Christmas and new year celebrations for 2013 in the Canary Islands are marked by warm sunshine and festive parties as hundreds of thousands Scandinavians, British and central Europeans prepare their own traditional meals and mix with Gran Canarias extended Christmas and new year calender
7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Las Arenas Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria for £17.50 per person per night

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Norske på gran canaria
Lange opphold i gran Canaria.
Leilighetene og Bungalowene for salg direkte fra eierne.

Ingen høy etat avgifter.

De neste ukene vil se en ny nettside liste eiendom for salg for forbausende lave priser

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

On your own in Gran Canaria
Quiet but lively, Cafe Florin is all about characters, it's such a small Cafe Cyber Bar that it's like being in someones living room, people keep entering and leaving to buy Wifi Tickets, to pay for their telephone calls they just made outside, to use the cigarette machine and of course the inevitable expresso, the tiny coffee cups with the strong coffee, usually drunk within 5 seconds

It's a bit like live performance in front of you, a play in which you are a participant / observer

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Our unique Online Daily Deals for Gran Canaria 2013
We now have our new online daily accommodation deals for Gran Canaria.

Automatically updated in real time

The lists of dates and prices above are updated daily, all of the options show you the best deal for renting holiday accommodation in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas Gran Canaria

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

May 30th is the "la dia de las canarias" the national day of the Canary Islands
The Canary Islands celebrate from May 30th the officlal day of the Canary Islands and also up to and including Saturday the 2nd of June when the local towns and villages have their own special get togethers to celebrate
7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Gay Pride Parade 2012 in temperatures of over 103º F

Gay Pride Gran Canaria

once again attracted many thousands of Gay holiday makers from the U.K. and all over Europe.

Total numbers were down on 2011, but the party spirit was not diminished, if anything the excessive heat towards the last few days made this years Gay Pride more intense fun than any in recent years
7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Imorgen er det julaften her.Ikveld skal vi se på De Hellige trekongers opptog

Norwiegan in Gran Canaria

Eva Synnøve Sagemoen Onsvåg has to be one of the best that Norway has, we can't imagine anyone better than her, but she's not alone

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Undersea Volcano in the Canary Islands - El hierro active

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Cafe Florins Intercambio group raise money for AIDS campaign 2011

The Car has been Won!

Winner of the " Car for a day" 1st Prize in the Cafe Florin Worlds AIDS day charity raffle held at the Intercambio meeting Sunday 27th Nov 2011

We raised nearly 100 euros at the Sunday meeting of the intercambio group at Cafe Florin in Playa del Ingles

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

TV Canarias film the Language Exchange Group at Cafe Florin Intercambio Day

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Cafe Florin services can make a difference to your next holiday visit to Playa del In
Welcome back to the Cafe´s Web site.
We have changed the design of the site with the big colour boxes to clearly display the core services we provide in addition to being a lively little Cafe Bar

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas Street Parade Saturday May 14th 2011
Prrt of the spectacular Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas Street Parade Saturday May 14th 2011.
The best most colourful celebration in Europe of Gay Pride and an Icon for the world

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

007 International Womens day, GLAY and Gay Gran Canaria
If 007 can drag up, if changing his look to a woman to make a point about the plight of woman in 2011 than the GLAY Gay and Lesbian Association of the 7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

How to find the cheapest places to stay in Gran Canaria

We do the ground work for you
We walk round Playa del Ingles visiting each and every Apartment, Bunglaow and Hotels looing for all the booking options the best prices

We are expanding our links daily
We are rapidly expanding our number of affiliate links for each of the apartments bungalows and hotels in and around playa del Ingles and maspalomas

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

There are lots of ways to find us, but one of the simplest way is know that we are on the only road that leads down to the beach at Playa del Ingles.
That road is called Avenida Alféreces Provisionales, we a little offset from the road - pavement, just 30 seconds walk past where the Hard Rock Cafe use to be

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

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Why Support Cafe Florin?
Broadly speaking there are three categories of people who come to the Canary Islands and Gran Canaria is the best example

7/22/2017 6:30:58 PM

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